wall saw machine

With over 20 years of experience in developing, designing and producing high-quality sawing machines.
All parts on saw machines are produced in our own factory.key hydraulic motors and pumps are all world famous brands.

HWS-800TM Wall Saw

HWS-800TM hydraulic wall saw is a series of completely new complete wall saws from OUKAI ,The weight of 800TM power pack is lighter and very easy to maintain and to repair.

HWS-700TM Hydraulic Wall Saw

Hydraulic concrete Wall Saw for sale in China. it can precisely cut accurate openings to form windows, doors and ventilation units, and remove entire sections of structures in materials such as heavily reinforced concrete, masonry and stone.

HWS-600RV Wall Saw

HWS-600RV wall saw are remotely operated removing the occurrence of vibration and also reduce the noise levels encountered by the operator.

HWS-600TM Wall Saw

HWS-600TM wall saw wtih the swivel arm provides simple,fast blade replacement and facilitates use in flush cutting applications.Innovative feed motors ensure fast Cutting.