HWS-600RV Wall Saw

HWS-600RV wall saw are remotely operated removing the occurrence of vibration and also reduce the noise levels encountered by the operator.


HWS-600RV power pack-Remote Control

Suitalble all sawing, wire sawing and drilling.The 3-stage control ensures optimal cutting speeds for all applications and the potentiometer of the remote control ensures a wire-conserving smooth start/soft start.

HWS-600RV Techincal data


Max.start up blade diameter: 800mm

Max.using blade diameter: 1600mm

Max.cutting depth: 710mm

2.Sawing head

Output axle diameter: 60mm

Max.working pressure: 200bar

Max.fuel flow: 80L/min

Blade cutting method: Automatic

Speed of blade: 450/900/1350rpm

Weight: 38kg

3.Hydraulic power pack

Max. input power: 25KW

Voltage: 380V/400V,3-phase ,50HZ

Control method: Remote control

Weight (include Oil): 210kg

Dimensions(L*B*H): 65*60*100cm

4.OK-60RV remote control unit 

Control voltage: 24V

Dimensions(L*B*H): 300*150*130mm

Weight: 1.6kg

Cable length:10m

Set consists of:

  • 1 sawing head
  • 1 hydraulic power pack 600RV
  • 1 hose set (6 hydraulic hoses)
  • 1 rail 2.0 m
  • 1 rail 1.0 m
  • 4 mounting brackets for rail
  • 2 stopper for rail´s end
  • 1 blade guard 850mm
  • 1 remote control box
  • 1 tool box
  • 1 blade 800mm

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