HWS-800TM Wall Saw

  • Hydraulic track saw

HWS-800TM hydraulic wall saw is a series of completely new complete wall saws from OUKAI ,The weight of 800TM power pack is lighter and very easy to maintain and to repair.


Hydraulic concrete wall saw (HWS-800TM)

Push wall-cutting performance to new levels – up to 40″ thick.

When your building design calls for larger openings in solid concrete walls, you want clean-edged cuts without costly delays. Matched with the appropriate blades, the Oukai Wall Saw Machine HWS-800TM gives you the capacity to make smooth, precise cuts through concrete walls as thick as 40″.

Boost productivity—even in tight spaces—with quick setup and automated operation. And control progress throughout the entire cut with the user-friendly remote-control unit.

  • Traction control calculates the optimal advance speed, ensuring that all available power is fully utilized – this results in much faster cutting progress
  • Universal – usable with both wire saws or hydraulic drilling systems
  • Electric remote control
  • Stepless oil flow adjustment


Hydraulic power unit  HWS-800TM

Motor power                             32 kW
Voltage -range                          380V~480V 50Hz/60Hz
Hydraulic oil flow rate – range     40~100l/min
Hydraulic pressure.max              220bar
Pressure stages                           3
Min. generator power                 60 kVA
Min. cooling water supply rate     5 l/min

Weight                                       118kg

Saw head OK-800TM

Arbor diameter                    60mm

Blade diameter.max             1600mm

Cutting depth.max               730mm
Starter blade diameter.max   800mm

Weight                                38kg

Remote control(wireless)

Control voltage      24V(DC)

Weight                   2kg

Hilti D-LP32


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