Diamond wire saw

  • diamond wire saw

wire saw cutting is no limit to the depth that will need to be cut. In addition, the noise level is reduced considerably. This is a very safe option when large amounts of concrete are needed to be removed without causing damage to the surrounding structures.


Diamond wire saw for reinforced concrete

Diamond reinforced concrete rope  is specially designed to separate the large reinforced concrete structures, its main principle is through the high speed hydraulic motor drive with a diamond bead wire rope be cut around the object, in the role of a certain tension, high-speed chip was cut objects, the abrasive dust and heat taken away by the cooling water, finally achieve the aim of cutting objects. Its construction features are cutting and removing large reinforced concrete structures. The vibration and noise in the cutting process are small, and the cutting energy can be separated statically under stable condition. Can cut in any direction, such as horizontal, vertical, diagonal, etc. Fast cutting speed and high power.

Advantage of reinforced concrete rope saw:
1. Easy operation for cutting.
2. Easy movement and installation of cutting machine.
3. Available for big and irregular building cutting.
4. Available for any direction and part cutting.
5. No pollution with high efficiency.
6. No damage for construction etc

diamond wire saw


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