wall saw blade

Widely used for opening in concrete walls for the replacement of doors, windows, duets and for removing walls and floors for expansion or demolition.


Wall saw blade

Long life and the most economical cost per cut.

OK wall saw blade for cutting concrete and reinforced concrete. The blade are available both with brazed diamond segments with and with laser welded sectors. The brazing allows to have a cheaper diamond blade and allows re-tipping of the disc once the segments have been used,The laser welding is more resistant, but it does not allow the re-use of the disc with new sectors.

 laser welded  blades Features:

Saw blade( laser welded )

  • Excellent cutting speed anf high level performance.
  • Noticeable smooth running.
  • Laser welded segments for maximum safety.
  • Suit Oukai,Tyrolit, Dimas, Husqvarna ,Hilti,Wall Saws.
  • Above 95% customers will place a formal order after testing the samples.
Sizes Available:
600mm, 800mm,  1000mm, 1200mm, 1600mm, 2200mm

Brazed blades Features

  • Cutting high-speed
  • Maximum economic efficiency
  • Allows re-tipping of the disc
  • Blades suite for electric or hydraulic wall saws

Saw blade(Brazed)


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