Concrete crusher

Hand Held Concrete concrete is lightweight enough to man-handle (2 man lift / operate) yet powerful enough to crunch a concrete slab, can be used in more public places where lots of noise and water are generally not allowed.



Hydraulic hand Concrete Crusher

The  Hydraulic Crusher used to quickly crush and remove suspended floor slabs, walls, upstands and airways, reducing the concrete to rubble.   CRUSHING CASE

Hydraulic Crushser Specification

  • The HD-420 crusher allows the demolition of concrete and reinforced concrete up to 40 cm thickness with strength and precision;
  • Easy handling and operation without water;
  • Without noise, vibration free;
  • Very useful for concrete demolition;
  • Operated with a two person team of trained and experienced operatives;

APPLICATIONS – For demolitions where it is necessary to preserve the integrity of the structure/building avoiding dangerous vibrations (historical buildings,luxury apartments,structures that could fall dowm.) Wherever it is important to intervene quickly and cleanly without generating dust (hospitals,production departments of companies.) For any demolition respecting noise levels during the whole day (condos,offices,schools.) Where due to space restrictions or transportability it is impossible to use bigger and heavier machinery (upper floor,aerial platforms or in confined spaces such as basements.)


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hand held concrete crusher

hand held concrete crusher