High Frequency Wall Saw

Powerful high frequency wall saw on rails for cutting through brick and reinforced concrete. The saw arm, saw shaft and drive motor can be operated separately


High frequency wall saw

Electric  wall  saw

Saw Blade

  1. Max.cutting depth : 520mm
  2. Max.saw blade : φ1200mm
  3. Saw blade fixing(flush cuts) : 6 countersunk head screws,110mm graduated circle.

Electric motor

  1. Water-cooled
  2. High-frequency motor
  3. Output : 16kW(other power can be customized)

Control unit

  1. Voltage : three-phase/380V~480V (singe-phase/220V~240V can be customized)
  2. Frequency : 50Hz/60Hz
  3. Weight : 19kg
  4. Wireless control : 2kg


  1. Wall saw 105DM incl.feed electric motors : 27kg
  2. Eletric main motor(16KW) : 18kg


There are mainly two ways for choice

  1. Automatic cutting without manual intervention
  2. Manual cutting

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