SQ-90AM wire saw

  • wire saw machine
  • wire saw machine

SQ-90AM concrete wire saw is especially designed for cutting extremely thick and heavily reinforced concrete or irregular and complex concrete such as bridge's cap beam, box beam, support beam.


SQ-90AM concrete wire saw, in combination with the hydraulic power unit OK-700TM, it is designed to cut and remove super thick and heavy reinforced concrete and irregular concrete such as bridge cap beam,box beam and support beam,pier,foundation,underwater concrete,etc.

Product/User Benefits:

  • Faster, safer and simpler wire saws.
  • Extremely large wire storage and long travel to give the greatest possible application and use.
  • Dual drive motor,automatic tension rope.
  • Maximum size of unit up to 12 m.
  • Fine feed for application control using innovative damping system.
  • Wire saw for direct assembly.
  • Patented drive roll system.

Technical details

  • Max. wire storage : 12m
  • Width (variabel) : 1050mm
  • Length : 700mm
  • Height : 2100/1650mm
  • Drive wheel : 280mm
  • Storage wheel : 200mm
  • Total weight : 98kg

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