OK-70AM wire saw machine Copy

Wire sawing is a quick, efficient, and economical concrete cutting solution. Wire sawing is the ideal concrete cutting solution for structures that are too large or unwieldy for traditional saw cutting.


Wire saw SQ-70AM
Gross wire length 10 m,Easily transportable

Quick, safe and easy wire sawing.The wire saw with the extra large wire store and long stroke for maximum utilisation and application for a maximum structure size of 10 m.
multiple applications.Easy start-up and wire conserving thanks to the innovative damping system. Hydraulic main and feed motors for Italy.

Technical details

  • Total travel:1800mmMax. wire storage : 10m
  • Width (variabel) : 1050mm
  • Depth : 550mm
  • Height : 2050mm
  • Length of protective cover : 2000mm
  • Drive wheel : 550mm
  • Storage wheel : 200mm
  • Rack weight(Including all wheel) : 85kg
  • Wire saw head : 30kg(easy to disassemble and assemble)
  • Hydraulic power unit 600TM : 25 kW, 200 bar,3speeds, 0-85l/min, 180kg

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