HWS-700TM Hydraulic Wall Saw

Hydraulic Wall Saw can precisely cut accurate openings to form windows, doors and ventilation units, and remove entire sections of structures in materials such as heavily reinforced concrete, masonry and stone.



OK-700TM hydraulic wall sawing

It is very powerful and designed to make your work more efficient. Use is a very powerful wall saws for cutting reinforced concrete, brick and other building materials, up to 730 mm thickness. It can be used for all kinds of openings and sawing including stair, bevel and flush cutting.

Technical data

OK-700TM Power pack
Max. output power 30kw
Electric motor Water cooled  Min.3bar
Rated voltatge(Wide voltage & Frequency) 370V-460V  50HZ/60HZ
IP protection code IP54
Pressure stages 3
Max.operating pressure 210bar
Oil flow rate 40-100l/min.
Dimensions(L*B*H) 500mm*520mm*1100mm
Weight 140kg
OK-700TM sawing head
Saw blade diamteter range 800-1600mm
Cutting depth 730mm
Max.oil flow rate 100l/min.
Max.operating preesure 200bar
Gearing gear
Rotation speed(with 700TM unit) 600/850/1400Rpm
Demensions(L*B*H) 400mm*420mm*400mm
Weight 39kg


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